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Marble Brown

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Marble Brown, what is?

Marble Brown is a kind of natural stone is formed from limestone, metamorphic, has a light brown color made the sugar so white, black interwoven uneven bring elegance and sophistication.

Marble Brown
Marble Light Brown

Marble and Light Brown can be used for a number of items in construction works, including:

  • Interior decoration: Marble Light brown color shades chic and exquisite, suitable for many styles of interior design. Stones are often used to decorate walls, ceilings, columns,...
  • Exterior decoration: Marble Brown Pale is durable, resistant to harsh weather, suitable to use for the region exterior as facades, gates, fences,...
  • Used in the public works: Marble, Light Brown with a reasonable price, easy to apply, suitable for use in public buildings such as schools, hospitals,...

Advantages of Marble, Light Brown, what is?

  • The color of luxury and sophistication: Marble Light-Brown color, light brown made the sugar so white, black interwoven uneven bring beauty, elegance and sophistication, suitable for many design styles interior and exterior.
  • Durability: Marble and Light Brown have high durability, resistant to harsh weather, less damaged during use.
  • Waterproof performance good: Marble and Light Brown are likely good waterproofing, not waterproof, moisture, mold, fits both interior and exterior.
  • Easy construction: Marble and Light Brown can be easy to install, does not require highly technical.
  • Reasonable price: Marble, Light Brown with a reasonable price, in accordance with many customers.

What to note when using this type of Marble, Light Brown

  • Avoid strong impact: Marble Light Brown has a high hardness, but also can break if strong impact. Therefore, to avoid a strong impact on the stone surface.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Marble and Light Brown can be corroded by the strong chemicals, such as acids, bases,... it is Therefore necessary to avoid stone exposed with these chemicals.
  • Regular cleaning: Marble, Light Brown with a glossy surface, easy to clean. However, you also need to note cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, affecting the aesthetics of the stone.
  • When using decorative stone interior, it is necessary to note the contrast of stone with the other items in the room to create harmony.
  • When using decorative stone exterior, need to pay attention to the weather factors to protect the stone from being damaged.
  • When cleaning the stone, it should use the cleaners dedicated to natural stone, to avoid damaging the stone.

Address buy Marble Light Brown prestigious

Royal Stone – natural Stone premium is a prestigious address specialize in offering other types of natural stone, high, including Marble, Light Brown. With many years of experience in the field of paving stones, we are committed to providing our customers with products of best quality with reasonable price.

Marble and Light Brown is the type of natural stone has many advantages, suitable for many different applications. With beauty, luxury and sophistication. Marble Light Brown brings the perfect for every living space.

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