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Stone color Lai Chau tangent pool

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  • Application: Tiling the pool
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Stone Color Lai Chau – The Perfect Choice For Pool Hotels

Outstanding Advantages:

  • Outstanding Durability: Stone Color Lai Chau is not just a decorative material, but also the people you trusted with high durability. This material does not tarnish over time, helps pool, always keep the look fresh and attract.
  • Resistance To Acids: With resistance to acids, Stone, Multi-Color Lai Chau ensure that the surface pool is not affected by chemical treatment of water. This increases the service life and reduce maintenance costs for the pool.
  • Waterproof: Water-repellent properties of the Stone Colors Lai Chau makes the water can not penetrate into the lower layers, reducing the risk of leakage and limit the breakdown maintenance is not desired.
  • Surface Split Ends, Rough – Anti-Slip: To ensure safety for the users, the stone surface is split rough in a subtle way, creating the effect of anti-slip effect. This increases experience and ensure comfort while enjoy swimming.
  • Varied in Size and Thickness: Stone Color Lai Chau not only diverse in color, but also varied in size and thickness. This helps to meet all design needs and use of the customer.
Stone color Lai Chau tangent pool
Stone color Lai Chau tangent pool

Experience Options:

When choosing a stone to slice a hotel pool, you should remember some important things:

  • Minimum Thickness 2cm: To avoid incidents of break and reduce the risk of water leakage, please choose stones have a minimum thickness of 2cm. This sets the standard of safe and durable for all projects.

Practical Application of the Stone colors Lai Chau tangent pool

Stone Color Lai Chau is not only building materials, but also the art of nature, make the pool become class and elegance. It is widely used in:

  • Slice Pool: With the variety of colors and sizes, Stone Colors Lai Chau is the source of endless inspiration for all types of swimming pool design.
  • Hotel Campus: Create a striking focal point and uniqueness to the space around the pool and rest area.
  • Squares and Parks: A great option to decorate the public spaces, bring comfort and class.

Stone Color Lai Chau not only is the building material which is a source of positive energy and inspiration for living space. Let Stone Color Lai Chau highlight your pool, creating the space experience most amazing live. Discover the class and originality from nature, explore Stone Colors Lai Chau today.

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